30 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 15 & 16 – The Bohemian Kitchen

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Hello again,

I am now halfway through the 30 day vegan challenge! These past two days have gone really well. The weekend gives me more time for cooking, so that makes it easier to eat and prepare proper meals.

Starting with Saturday . . .

Day 15 – Saturday

I had my usual coffee with coconut cream and a lunch of leftover carrot soup. For dinner, I had African Nut Butter Stew along with fresh bread.

I spent part of the afternoon preparing food for the Big Sunday Brunch that I’ve been looking forward to all week. Also, I made a peanut butter pie with chocolate crust.

I don’t care what anyone else says, this is WAY better than those Tim Horton’s doughnuts that I’ve been eating on Friday mornings. For those of you who have followed along, you’ll know that I’ve been struggling to resist the non-vegan doughnuts on doughnut day Fridays at work. I don’t think I’ll be struggling anymore. If I bake something like this each weekend, I’ll be just fine.

Day 16 – Sunday (Today!)

I finally made The Big Brunch today. I’m happy with how it turned out. It took lots of planning beforehand, including prep work the night before, and it payed off. I finished cooking everything all at the same time.

Brunch consisted of: ginger pear waffles, herb roasted blue and yellow potatoes, scrambled tofu, and fruit salad all served with orange juice, salsa, maple syrup, hot sauce.


After that, we had pie as a snack, then went to China Town for bubble tea. The bubble tea shop was busy so we ended up going to Raw Sugar Café instead, which I had heard was good. Their menu was super vegan friendly – they had vegan cupcakes and rice krispie squares and other sweets. I chose to have chili and hot apple cider for dinner.

That’s all for today. I’ll probably have take the next couple of days off from cooking and eat the leftover waffles and stew. That pie is almost gone though so maybe I’ll bake something sweet tomorrow.

Have you ever made a lifestyle change you found challenging to follow? I’d love to hear about it!