30 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 4, 5 and 6 – The Bohemian Kitchen

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So my first few days of going vegan didn’t go so well. I think that I’m doing much better now.

Day 4 – Wednesday

Woke up and had coffee with the soy cream. Went to work and had a late breakfast of lentil hummus and crackers. For lunch, leftover spinach rice with jerk seitan. For a snack, I had baby carrots.

I messed up mid-afternoon when a colleague gave me a mini snickers bar and chocolate mint. I ate them without even thinking. Those weren’t vegan. From now on I need to remember to think first before eating something. Chocolate seems to be my weakness.

Wednesday is yoga night, so I had a can of Primo lentil soup late afternoon to fill me up before class. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either, basically it had no flavour.

I still felt hungry, so after work I met up with my boyfriend for dinner. We went to The Green Door, which is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant where you pay by weight. What that means is the food is layed out buffet style and you choose whatever you want. At the cash register, they weigh your plate (subtracting the weight of the actual plate) to calculate the cost of your meal. I like how they label every dish so it’s easy to know if it is vegan or gluten free.

Here’s my plate. It’s taken with an iphone again, please excuse the quality!

Their vegan options included potato salad, carrot and ginger soup, marinated mushrooms, broccoli and tofu, marinated eggplant, avocado salad, lotus root. My favourite dish? The Hungarian mushrooms. They were in a creamy, cashew based sauce. H told me that it tasted just like butter chicken sauce.

They had vegan sushi too but I ate it before taking the photo.

After yoga class I didn’t eat anything that I can remember. Dinner was very filling. Aside from that one little mini chocolate bar, I ate completely vegan today.

Day 5 – Thursday

I had better luck with breakfast this time. I had coffee with soy cream, then wheat puff cereal with cashew milk and a sliced banana. At work I ate the rest of the hummus and crackers. For lunch I had a piece of roti along with some lentil-quinoa stew.

In the afternoon I had vegetable “cup a soup.” So far as I can tell it is vegan, and so are the soup crackers. After work I was too tired to cook so I heated up some leftover roti. I know I complained about the roti at first, but I’m starting to really like it. It has lasted all week and it’s very filling!

And look at that, I succeeded today. I ate vegan food only. Yay!

Day 6 – Friday

I didn’t do so well today. I had coffee with soy cream first thing in the morning and didn’t have time to eat anything. It is doughnut day at work, so I grabbed a honey crueller as soon as I arrived and ate it. I realized halfway through eating it that it’s not vegan, but oh well I am starving.

On my next break I had another vegetable cup a soup with crackers. At lunch I walked over to the grocery store again. I bought an amys rice and bean burrito, all dressed crispers, carmalized onion hummus, more spinach crackers, and some coconut milk coffee creamer. I’m still not liking the soy creamer that much so I’ll try the coconut.

The coconut cream tastes much better in my coffee than the soy cream. I’ll use up what’s in my fridge at home then switch over to the coconut. I like the carmalized onion hummus better than the lentil hummus. It’s very sweet though, so I don’t think I’ll want it every week. It was a nice surprise to pick up the Crispers package and see no animal ingredients listed!!

After work I came home and made a smoothie using cashew milk, banana, and frozen fruit. Then I caved into temptation and ate some of the Lindor chocolates still sitting in the living room. Surprisingly, they didn’t taste that great. Are my tastebuds changing already?

For dinner I had pasta and made my own sauce: canola oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and nutritional yeast.

Today is now Saturday and I haven’t messed up yet. I’ll post an update on Sunday!