30 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 7-14 – The Bohemian Kitchen

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Hello all! I know that I have fallen behind in posting my vegan challenge. I unfortunately cannot remember everything that happened this past week, but I did keep up with the challenge.

So far sweets are the only thing I can’t resist. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t vegan sweets out there – there are lots of delicious vegan dessert recipes and certain snacks like oreos and licorice are vegan. My problem is saying no to free sweets. For example, doughnut day got me again this Friday.

Another thing I’m uncertain of: if a package says MAY contain dairy, does that mean it’s vegan? I don’t see why not.

Anyway, I’ll go over the past week the best I can, starting with yesterday.

Day 14 – Friday

Today was productive. I messed up by eating a doughnut again, but I made up for that on my lunch break.

I walked over to Loblaws and found that the pepper flavoured Tofurky slices are vegan. The pumpernickel bread I normally buy has dried whey in it, so I grabbed a loaf of flaxseed bread that was 50% off. Vegetable flavoured Mr. Noodles are vegan.

Keep in mind that I’m looking for obvious ingredients: whey, modified milk ingredients, eggs. When I see a hard to pronounce word, I assume it’s a vegan ingredient. Is this cheating? I don’t think so.

I had the tofurky sandwich for lunch with Mr noodles, had more hummus and crackers for my snack, and so on.

After work I stopped at the Fresh-co and grabbed everything I need for brunch on Sunday: firm tofu, potatoes, fresh fruit, orange juice, pears. My plan is to make ginger-pear waffles along with scrambled tofu and roasted potatoes and fruit salad. It’s going to be amazing.

For dinner I had this frozen Indian dinner, some sort of cabbage dumplings in a spicy tomato sauce. I know that sounds weird but it tasted pretty good.

Day 13 – Thursday

I don’t remember what happened that day, so it must have been uneventful.

Day 12 – Wednesday

I tried something new today. I made a vegan version of hot wings. Obviously it tasted nothing like real chicken wings. Most products can simulate the flavour well enough but texture is another thing. Ah well that’s okay.   Here it is on the grill.    

It is homemade seitan marinated then glazed with sauce. The sauce is a mixture of lime juice, hot sauce, maple syrup, salt, and something else. I think there’s olive oil in there too. It was pretty good.

The recipe is from The Cheesy Vegan cookbook. It is meant to go with a “blue cheese” dip, which I didn’t make. I still need to gather more ingredients before I can attempt the fake cheese recipes.

Day 11 and 10 – Tuesday and Monday

I’m pretty sure I made basmati rice and tamarind lentils on one of these days. The lentils tasted good but gave me gastrointestinal distress. I am normally okay with lentils. Did I not cook them long enough, or was it something else I added to them? Let’s just not make this again.

Day 9 – Sunday

I slept in late then had leftovers for lunch. We had made spaghetti sauce from scratch the night before, using eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini, green pepper, red onion, can of diced tomatoes and lots of dried Italian herbs.

I can’t remember much else about that day, pretty sure I had carrot soup and a baked potato with Earth Balance margarine and fresh ground pepper for dinner.

Day 8: Saturday

Today we checked out the National Gallery of Canada. Before heading out, I woke up in good time and made carrot soup from scratch. I didn’t have any time to actually eat it, so we grabbed food at the museum. Oh great, my first real challenge: eating out somewhere that’s not a vegetarian restaurant.

Thankfully the food was very veg friendly. They had a salad bar and vegetarian chili. Nobody ever puts eggs or milk into chili, so far as I know, so I figured if it’s meat-free then it must be fully vegan. Is that a fair assumption to make, or should I have asked someone?

A bun came with it. I tried to avoid eating it but I was hungry so I did anyway without asking if it had milk in it. Seems like most bread is free of milk and eggs so it was probably fine but I should have checked. Oh well I did pretty well.

For dinner we made the pasta, as mentioned above. We tried it with yves “meatballs” but they were gross. I know of a different brand that tastes good, not sure if it’s vegan or not though. I’ll have to check next time I see them.

Day 7: Friday

I can’t remember anything about last Friday. I probably just bought an Amys rice and bean burrito again. For dinner, who knows what I ate? I know it was vegan though.

So that’s my past week. I will try harder this week to update often. I will aim for every 2 days. Eating vegan isn’t really that hard, though it probably helps that I’ve been vegetarian already for 16 years. All I had to give up was dairy and eggs and the convenience that goes with them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go bake a vegan peanut butter and chocolate pie. I’m fighting back against the sweets temptation by making my own. Yes!

Thanks for stopping by!