30 Day Vegan: Days 22-25, Saturday-Tuesday – The Bohemian Kitchen

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Hi everyone,

I’m still going strong with the vegan challenge. I find it’s much easier to follow the diet than it is to post regularly. I’m not used to keeping track of my food like this or even to using the camera so much. However, it has been good for me.

In the past 25 days I have been cooking from scratch more than usual. It feels great to eat healthy, home-cooked food almost every day. However, I must admit that sometimes I feel lazy and don’t want to cook.

Therefore, here are some photos of the not-cooking night that I had last night.

I may have mentioned earlier that Fresh-Co has frozen indian food. The Manchurian is pretty good. It cost less than four dollars.

The baked potatoes are the easiest thing in the world to make. All you need to do is buy the ones that are prewrapped in tinfoil, stick them in the oven at 400°F for an hour and dinner is ready. I like to eat them with earth balance margarine, freshly ground pepper and freshly chopped green onions.

Snacks are helpful too, especially right before dinner. I’m always hungry after work, but too tired to cook right away, so that’s when I shove my face with whatever is in front of me. I’ve been trying different things.

This week I tried dates.

I do like dates, but these were too sweet for a pre-dinner snack. I’ll probably turn the rest of the package into date squares. Thankfully we also had seaweed snacks!

These things are super cheap, like a buck or two for a package of three. Each container has 7% iron, which is great for us vegans and vegetarians. And, while they may look weird to the uninitiated, seaweed snacks are actually quite flavourful and tasty.

Then of course there’s the coconut lime cupcakes that I baked on Sunday. Mmmm.

They’re delicious. It may take me a while to finish them off, though. They are quite sweet. What is it with me and sweet things lately? My tastebuds must be changing.

Tonight I did some real cooking and made Yellow Split Pea Dal with basmati rice. It was very easy to do. It’s the type of thing you make when you’re tired and hungry and stumbling around in your work clothes, half-heartedly throwing things into the pot and wishing you had a personal cook. The only chopping required? Onions, scotch bonnet pepper, green onions. That’s it. The rest is water, split peas and tons of spices.

I expected it to be gross but it wasn’t. I’ve had bad luck with Dal recipes before, so it was a relief to find one that works well. Yellow split peas, by the way, are very good for you. According to the package, each 1/2 cup contains 20% of your overall daily iron requirement, 22 grams of protein and 100% of your daily fibre requirement.

Oh, but I must be honest and say I made a mistake this morning by ordering a Tim Horton’s fruit explosion muffin. I suppose it IS possible that they are vegan, but I highly doubt it. I really need to look up restaurant items online to find out what is vegan and what isn’t. It’s too hard to give up fast food completely.

Do you have any tips or ideas for a fast, no-cook vegan meal?