A simple sandwich of brie, tomato and lettuce with crusty french baguette – The Bohemian Kitchen

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The only place I’ve ever seen a sandwich like this was in Europe. I was 19 years old in the summer of 2003 when my best friend and I were racing to make it to the tour bus on time before our group left without us. It was hot, we were sweating in our t-shirts, I was desperately hungry and not entirely sure of where we were as we followed the street signs labelled with an unfamiliar language.

Thankfully we came across a sandwich shop situated on the sidewalk with a short line-up of people, and this is where I found the sandwich: brie, tomato and lettuce in crusty bread. It seemed strange to me, yet it was the only vegetarian option and I was grateful to find it. My friend waited impatiently while I gave Euros to the man behind the counter and shoved the sandwich into my purse, then off we went again.

The sandwich was surprisingly good, as I discovered when we made it to our seats on the tour bus. The rich, soft creaminess of the brie smooshes against the chewy crust of the bread while the tomato and lettuce provide a light freshness to counteract the heaviness of bread and cheese. Essentially, it is your typical tomato and cheese sandwich elevated to a new level of tastiness.

Now it is summer again and I am trying in vain to save money for another vacation. Maybe that’s why, when I saw the brie on special at the grocery store last night, I decided that I had to make this brie and tomato sandwich. It really is as simple as it sounds. Simply buy a french baguette, some brie, tomatoes and lettuce. Cut the baguette into sandwich sized portions, slice in half, and fill it up. This is great as a light lunch or as a snack.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make another one. I already ate one today so maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, but oh well. Thanks for stopping by today,