Cherryblossom shelf + Pomegranate Seedlings – The Bohemian Kitchen

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Earlier this week, I spent a ridiculous amount of time painting a plain wooden shelf that I found at the craft store. It was the best solution that I could find for a problem that I’ve had since moving into my place last year: I need a spot near the window to put all my gardening experiments!!

 The window ledges at my place are too narrow to hold even the smallest flowerpot, and even if they were wide enough to hold anything, our two cats would just walk along them and knock everything over anyway. Sunlight streams through the windows each day, but it doesn’t make it very far into the apartment and there’s no floorspace near the patio doors and windows.  This was a problem. Where do I grow my peanut plant? What do I do with my pomegranate seedlings??

The solution: create my own window ledge. It took some searching, but eventually I found a long wooden shelf about 3.5 feet long and 6 inches deep, just the right amount of depth to hold my plants without taking up too much of our living space. The wood was untreated and boring, so I decided to paint it cherry blossom style.

BEFORE shot of cherry blossom shelf AFTER shot of cherry blossom shelf AFTER shot, view from side AFTER shot, inside view

 I applied one layer of sealer, then two coats of turquoise paint for the sky background. Next were the branches. I tried to make them flow across the planes of the wood, which was tricky but I think I mostly succeeded. The flowers were the most fun to paint, even though I couldn’t get the petals the exact round shape that I wanted them to be. My cherry blossoms came out looking like badly painted pink stars, so I guess you could call them star blossoms. Coincidentally, that used to be one of my old email handles, so I figure my starry cherry blossoms suit me just fine.

Completed shelf, wall-mounted  There are also two coats of satin varnish on the finished shelf, which will protect my handiwork from water damage. I’m really happy with how it looks hung up on the wall, directly beneath the window beside my computer desk. It brightens up this dull, white-walled room that hasn’t been decorated yet, and so far the cats haven’t tried to sleep on it.  My plants finally have a home; this new shelf holds my assortment of grocery store seeds that are slowly sprouting, pushing their heads through the soil towards the sunlit panes of glass. Speaking of grocery store seeds, my pomegranate experiment is growing! Pomegranate seedlings All I did was cut open a fresh pomegranate, remove the fruit flesh surrounding the seeds, then plant the seeds about an inch deep in potting soil. I also decided to leave heater on in this room to maintain room temperature. Most of the seeds I’ve planted are from tropical plants and I’m fairly certain they won’t grow if I allow it to get too cold in here. Anyway, I’m very pleased with my new shelf. It serves the purpose for which it was made. I was able to get rid of that old, clunky bookcase that took up valuable floorspace without holding many plants. There’s enough room on the wall for another shelf just like it too, so I’ll probably paint another one. Speaking of which, I forgot to mention that this shelf is actually upside down!! I liked the way that the underside of it has a ledge. It protects any objects from falling off in the event that my curious cats jump on it. So I just flipped it, painted the underside, attached wall supports to the topside and voila, handpainted window ledge. That’s about all for today. I would love to hear what you think!