CSA Box Week #4: Hooray, a butternut squash! – The Bohemian Kitchen

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Just when the weekly CSA produce was starting to feel monotonous, we got something different:

It’s a butternut squash!!

Okay, so it’s true that we got more stupid cabbage and green beans and broccoli. But the addition of a butternut squash makes it all worth it. I roasted it and served it with margarine and corn on the cob and veggie burgers.

As for the green beans, I fermented them again. They didn’t go moldy this time! To stop them from floating to the top of the jar, I jammed them in as tightly as possible. Then, I filled the jar with brine all the way up to the lid.

They taste delightful, just delightful! I also made another jar of spicy pickled beans with the leftover yellow beans. There! Bean problem solved.

I dealt with the cabbage problem by making a batch of kimchi. This variation includes broccoli.

It should take about a week to finish fermenting. I figure that kimchi is good to make because it lasts for such a long time in the fridge. I can snack away on it all winter when I’m craving something healthy. If you want the recipe, check out my post on How to Make kimchi.

As for the broccoli and potatoes, that was a no-brainer. I picked up some dill from the supermarket, then made the broccoli-potato soup recipe from “Veganomicon.” Mmm.

I actually did grow my own dill this year, but it died when that corner of the garden plot flooded. Note to self: level out the soil for next year.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!