Farewell garden plot, hello new garden, and hello sprouted mango pit! – The Bohemian Kitchen

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Hello all,

I have news to share! I’ve moved out of my downtown apartment and into a house in a quiet neighbourhood. This has been both sad and exciting. Sad, because I had to give up my garden plot. I now live too far away from it to maintain it. However, I now have a garden outside my front door, which is something I’ve wanted for years. I’m excited about that.

There’s not much in it because I started it late in the season. Some of the plants are from the store: cherry tomato, parsley, oregano, daisies (not bloomed yet) and some purple flowers.

I brought over some plants that were on the balcony. The basil, strawberries, cilantro and chili peppers will stay in their containers.

I transplanted the broccoli and Malabar spinach. They seem to be taking well to their new home.

AND I have an exciting new addition to my weird plant collection: a mango plant! I sprouted it in a bag of sphagnum moss. It looks like a creepy beetle.

It’s on the windowsill with the sweet granadilla plant and the date plant.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the new garden. My main regret is leaving behind the garlic plants in the plot. They were getting pretty big. I was really looking forward to harvesting them.

That’s okay. I’ll plant some bulbs this fall and watch them come up next year. We also took down the fence that we’d just put up.

Hopefully next year we can put it up again. There’s a community garden not far from here and I’d like to get a plot there next summer. I loved my old plot, but it’s time for something new. I can’t wait to see how this growing season goes.

Thanks for stopping by!