Just for fun: macaroni and cheese tacos – The Bohemian Kitchen

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Normally I try to eat healthy, but last night I said screw that. I had a craving for both KD and for tacos. Instead of cooking each thing separately, we decided it made more sense to put them together. This is how it turned out!

I’m sure that someone somewhere must have made this before. This is a first for me, so I’m showing it off to you all.

There is no real recipe to follow. Just prepare your usual taco fillings and make a pot of KD. Instead of using meat I like to use Yves veggie ground round cooked on the stove with a bit of water and taco seasoning mix.

It wasn’t spectacular or anything but it hit the spot. I think it’s really fun to mix things together that you normally wouldn’t do that with.

What are your favourite taco fillings? Have you mixed together anything unusual?