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July 27, 2018 Katrina 2 comments

Hey fellow gardeners, foodies, and nature lovers! How’s your summer going so far? The weather has been brutal here. If you live in Eastern Canada or the Northeastern U.S., you already know about the record-breaking heat waves we had this month. Here in Ottawa, our Canada Day celebrations were cut short by the highest humidex ever recorded: 47. As the weeks went […]

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So I’ve been working on the back yard and the front garden for the past few years. When I first moved in with my then-boyfriend (now fiance!) in 2015, The back yard was an oasis of concrete and dog poop. The front yard wasn’t much better — the garden bed was covered with a thick layer of small rocks, and […]

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I couldn’t resist the corny title. I have a date plant and several tiny dragonfruit cacti growing on the windowsill right now. As you can see, I’ve got some other plants growing there as well. There’s a small orchid plant, a spider plant cutting, a mini lavender rose bush, and lilac bush cuttings. The date plant is the one that […]

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It seemed like winter would never end — especially when we got snow in May — but the warm weather is finally here. And you know what that means: gardening! This is my second year with the same garden plot, so I’m off to a good start already. I created rows in the fall and amended the soil by adding compost, […]

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So I’m a fan of cocktails (martinis especially), and I want to start making them at home. That may sound easy enough, but there’s a problem: Most cocktail recipes call for two or three types of liqueurs, and each bottle costs anywhere from 20 to 30 bucks. Is it really worth it to spend 100 bucks or more at the […]

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I’ve had this project on my list for years. As a fan of DIY hacks, any sort of repurposed/reused doodads, AND gardening, how could I resist something as cool as a light bulb greenhouse? Any plants that you grow inside it will reuse the water supply, which is helpful if you forget to water your plants or go on vacation. Personally, […]

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Are you looking to grow something different this year? If you’re anything like me, you want to break the monotony of growing tomatoes, carrots, basil, and other common vegetables and herbs. Or, maybe you’re thinking of long-term survival strategies. As a fan of “The Walking Dead,” I cannot help but imagine the worst and ask myself how I would feed […]

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Somehow I never got around to posting photos of the harvest this year, so I’ll post them all now as a yearly summary. As you can see, my eggplants did the best. I finally got a watermelon to grow, although I think it was under-ripe when I picked it. I didn’t take photos of all the butternut squash, but those […]

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The CSA share season is over now. We got tons of veggies for week 7 and week 8, including a spaghetti squash and a pie pumpkin. I didn’t do anything special with it, unless you count the pumpkin risotto that did not taste like pumpkin. I also played around with the cabbage and came up with filling for rigatoni. This […]

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Last month I volunteered with Hidden Harvest, an independently funded organization that harvests fruits and nuts from trees in Ottawa and donates a portion to local food banks. We went to Mooney’s Bay and harvested 197 lbs of crabapples. The camera on my phone unfortunately stopped working, so I don’t have any photos of the trees, but I did get […]

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My cat Eowyn always gets excited when I water the plants. She’ll follow me around the house and try to drink the water as it pours out of the watering can. What she doesn’t usually do, however, is climb inside the pot. You can imagine my surprise when she did exactly that earlier this week. […]

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