Loads of Eggplants, a Teensy Watermelon, and a Monarch Butterfly in the Garden – The Bohemian Kitchen

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I have a new plot at a different community garden. I’m thankful that I managed to get a spot for the season; I had to wait in line for TWO hours to get it, but it was worth it!

After hours and hours of hard work, I managed to fill half the plot with tomato, eggplant, sweet pepper, and watermelon plants. The other half is mostly empty except for butternut squash and pumpkin plants. I put down weed barrier and straw to try and control the weeds. Oh, and I planted a grape vine next to the homemade grape trellis.

I don’t feel like posting everything all at once, so I’ll just show you what I’m excited about this week. I finally succeeded in growing eggplants. In fact, they are fruiting better than everything else so far.

I’m also growing watermelon this year. I’ve had trouble growing them in previous seasons, but I’m not giving up yet. I’m determined to get a fruit this year. I bought a plant and put it in the garden a couple of weeks after the last frost.

As you can see, it went through transplant shock. I probably should have hardened it off first, but oh well. It recovered. Look at it now!

Look at that baby watermelon! I’ve been watering it every day this week so the hot weather won’t shrivel it up. I put down weed barrier to prevent the fruits from touching the ground and rotting, and I added a layer of composted sheep manure near the plant’s stem. I’m crossing my fingers that the watermelon will fully ripen by the end of September.

It seems to be my lucky week because I also got to see a Monarch butterfly. My plot just happens to have milkweed plants, which attract the butterflies. This one stopped by the other day.

Beautiful, isn’t it? I hope that I didn’t scare it away! I didn’t think to check the leaves for eggs. However, I was careful to leave that plant alone while weeding the garden. I would love to find a Monarch caterpillar or a chrysalis on one of the milkweed plants.

What’s in your garden this year?