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January 15, 2017 Katrina 2 comments

Are you looking to grow something different this year? If you’re anything like me, you want to break the monotony of growing tomatoes, carrots, basil, and other common vegetables and herbs. Or, maybe you’re thinking of long-term survival strategies. As a fan of “The Walking Dead,” I cannot help but imagine the worst and ask myself how I would feed […]

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Normally when I pick up the CSA box, I stop by the garden plot on the way home. This week is a bit more exciting than usual because the pumpkins are almost ready, and I want to see how orange they are. When I got to the plot, I propped my bike against the patio table and took a look […]

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Can you believe that it’s almost October? It seems like the summer passed by so fast. With the nighttime temperatures dropping, it’s time to start harvesting the cold-sensitive plants. I decided to deal with the plants at home first. Although I didn’t do much with the front garden this year, I did grow a large basil plant in the yard, […]

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Just when the weekly CSA produce was starting to feel monotonous, something changed: we got something different!! It’s a butternut squash!! Okay, so it’s true that we got more stupid cabbage and green beans and broccoli. But the addition of a butternut squash makes it all worth it. I roasted it and served it with margarine and corn on the […]

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So for week number three, I turned to some old-school recipes for help. I’m not used to cooking with the same ingredients week after week! We were inundated with yet more broccoli and eggs. As you can see, we also got corn, yellow beans, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, onions, and potatoes. It was easy enough to deal with most of the […]

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These CSA boxes remind me of Chopped, a cooking show where chefs are given mystery baskets with random ingredients, which they must use to cook a meal. Obviously, me receiving a CSA box isn’t the same thing as a televised cooking competition. However, I find myself saying the same thing that the chefs say: what the heck am I supposed to do […]

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As part of my effort to support local farmers and to eat seasonal food more often, I’ve signed up for a Community Support Agriculture (CSA) box. That means that once a week for the next eight weeks, we’ll be getting a share of freshly picked veggies (and sometimes fruit) that were grown on a local farm. We also get a […]

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My cat Eowyn always gets excited when I water the plants. She’ll follow me around the house and try to drink the water as it pours out of the watering can. What she doesn’t usually do, however, is climb inside the pot. You can imagine my surprise when she did exactly that earlier this week. […]

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