Planting Garlic Before Winter + Peppermint Tea – The Bohemian Kitchen

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It is past time to plant bulbs for the spring. I’ve planted garlic before without success, probably because I put the bulbs in containers outside, which doesn’t work. This year I planted cloves in the ground, following instructions from a Harrowsmith article. I feel much more confident about my chances of success this year.

According to the article, it is best to plant the cloves 3-4 weeks before the first hard freeze-up. I did mine November 16th after the first snow-fall.

A few things were still growing in my garden plot last weekend despite the snow. Thankfully the soil hadn’t frozen yet, so I was able to dig a row at the back of the plot.

As for the garlic, I used a bulb that my father gave me earlier this year. I don’t know what type it is exactly, but I do know that it was grown in Ontario. If it was grown in Ontario, that means it is used to Ontario weather and it should survive the winter season just fine.

Garlic from the grocery store might work too, depending on where it is from. If it was shipped over from a warmer country, it may not do too well. Those smaller cloves on the right are from the grocery store; I am planting them out of curiosity. Next year we will see how they do compared to the Ontario garlic.

So we need to separate the bulb into individual cloves, leaving the paper skins on. Plant each garlic clove 4 inches deep, 5 inches apart, wide side down. Leave a foot between each row. I only did one row. If they turn out okay, I’ll do extra rows next year.

Please don’t mind the lighting. It was freezing cold and my gloves were dirty so I put the camera on automatic. Everything white is overexposed, but oh well, you get the idea.

I’m happy with how it looks.

Next, I harvested the surviving mint, swiss chard and cilantro.

I think it’s pretty cool that plants can be this hardy. The cilantro is growing better in this weather than it did in the summer heat!

Once I got home, I rewarded myself for my hard work by making peppermint tea. I’ve probably posted pictures of peppermint tea before, but oh well, I’m posting more.

I love this mug because it has a built-in filter. It’s much more efficient than trying to stuff everything inside a tea ball.

I’m glad that I didn’t wait any longer to plant the garlic, because the next day I woke up, looked out my window, and saw this.

Ugh. Snow! Winter is officially here! I’m not sure if the garlic will take root before the ground freezes. I maybe should have planted them a few weeks earlier. Ah well, I’ll go back in the spring to see if it worked.

Have you ever grown garlic, or tried to?