Restaurant Review: Café my House | The Bohemian Kitchen

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Last week I had lunch at this place I’ve been wanting to check out for some time, Café My House, located on Wellington Street West, Ottawa. They are a plant-based and sustainable restaurant, meaning that all the food is vegan and the menu changes according to the season.

I was blown away. The food tasted incredible, the place somehow felt both cozy and chic, and for what you get the pricing is reasonable.

We ordered three items and shared them all: tomato and beet soup, chipotle BLT, and tempeh benedict.

First up is the soup.

I expected it to taste like beet soup with some tomatoes thrown in. Instead it had small pieces of beets in a broth tasting strongly of tomatoes. It had a certain heaviness to it that reminded me of beef stock except of course there is no meat in this. It was a hearty soup, perfect for this snowy weather.

Next up is the chipotle BLT sandwich.

I ordered it because I had never had  “BBQ coconut bacon” or “herbed cashew brie” before and it sounded interesting. They were served inside a waffle bun along with kale, tomato and chipotle ketchup.

The coconut bacon was crunchy and well seasoned with a liquid smoke based marinade. The cashew brie wasn’t as solid as dairy brie. It seemed more like a thick paste. It didn’t taste good or bad to me, in fact I couldn’t taste it at all next to all the other flavours, but I guess the extra protein doesn’t hurt. The waffle bun was adorable. Overall I didn’t mind this sandwich, but I wouldn’t order it again.

My favourite of the three was the Tempeh Benedict.

What you see on top is a bunch of marinated tempeh strips with “carrot coconut hollandaise sauce.” Underneath it all is a layer of eggplant and tomato on top of a baguette.

The sauce and the tempeh were both excellent. I wish that I would have written my impressions down right away because I don’t remember how the tempeh tasted exactly, except that it wasn’t too spicy nor too sweet. The sauce was nothing like real hollandaise sauce and that’s a good thing, because I think hollandaise sauce is gross. The eggplant and bread were so drenched in sauce that I couldn’t taste them, but who cares, this dish was tasty, filling and satisfying.

Special thanks to my boyfriend for his iphone photos. I really need to figure out the camera function on my phone, because I don’t always have my regular camera with me when I go out.

By the time I go here again, the menu will be different, but I have no doubt that their other menu items are equally good. If you live in the Ottawa area or ever come to visit, I recommend Café My House.