Spring is here, and so is gardening season! – The Bohemian Kitchen

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Ah, what a wonderous, magical time of year spring is! The days are getting longer, the breezes are warmer, the muddied grass is showing through bits of melted snow and gardening companies are hawking their wares. Normally I try to make posts informative in some way but today is all about showing off my gardening crap that came in the mail!

I just love getting stuff in the mail, don’t you? Eowyn seems to like it too, mostly for the boxes I think. The seeds and supplies are in the larger box. The little box has my stuffed giant microbes. In case anyone is wondering, I got the HIV and Syphilis pathogens. Hooray!

Aren’t they adorable? I have set them to guard the bowl holding my ipod and apartment keys. I am sure that none of you actually care about that but I am in a good mood today so you will look at the photo of my stuffed diseases and you will like it.

OKAY!! Onto the gardening stuff again. I got a 24-cell windowsill jiffy greenhouse, and the following seeds:

  • swiss chard (bright lights)
  • dill
  • broccoli
  • tomato (orange pixie)
  • kale
  • carrot (orange ones and purple too!)
  • eggplant
  • artichoke
  • strawberries

And I ordered asperagus roots, which are being sent separately for some reason. Just for fun I got cactus seeds too because they were on sale and I want to see if I can actually grow them. I’ll probably grow more plants later when the market downtown comes out with their little plastic pots of herbs and hot peppers, but for now this is enough of a start. Certain things need to be started immediately, such as the strawberry seeds. I have failed them these past two years but this year they will grow and thrive and produce actual fruit. They damn well better, anyway!

So, what are you growing this year?