The 2016 Garden Plot Harvest – The Bohemian Kitchen

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Somehow I never got around to posting photos of the harvest this year, so I’ll post them all now as a yearly summary.

As you can see, my eggplants did the best. I finally got a watermelon to grow, although I think it was under-ripe when I picked it. I didn’t take photos of all the butternut squash, but those also did really well. I got two pumpkins, although somebody stole one (if you can believe that!) before I harvested it.

The carrots hardly grew at all. I should have amended the soil before planting the seeds; the soil is very heavy in clay, which restricts the growth of roots. I’ll need to keep that in mind next year.

I’ve got a better idea of what grows well in the plot. As it turns out, chives grow like crazy with no effort whatsoever on my part. I spent most of September collecting it and making garlic-chive pesto.

The pepper plants and the tomato plants didn’t do so well, which I’m blaming on flooding. As it turns out, my plot slopes downwards, and the one corner (where I planted most of my stuff!) gets completely flooded after a heavy rainfall. Just when the tomato and pepper plants were doing well, the rain wiped them out.

Thankfully, a random tomato plant sprouted in the middle of the plot, and I got lots of yellow tomatoes. We liked those so much that I saved the seeds for next season.

Some wild amaranth also sprung up, in case you’re wondering what that bushy purple thing is.

And that’s it for 2016! I did grow a couple of things in the front yard, but I’ll save that for another post.

Thanks for reading!