Update: Sweet Granadilla Plant – The Bohemian Kitchen

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I’ve been growing a sweet granadilla plant for a year now. It stayed in seedling stage for quite some time. Now, it is going through a growth spurt. It is 2 feet tall and still growing!

In the past month alone, I have re-potted it twice. I’ve added stakes for support. Since it’s a vine, I should probably add some sort of indoor trellis so it has something to climb.

The sweet granadilla, also called Passiflora ligularis, is related to the passion fruit. It is native to the Andes Mountains in South America, mainly growing in Peru, Venezuela, and Columbia.

Here are the growth stages so far:

It’s easy enough to grow from seeds from the grocery store fruit. In an earlier post, I posted instructions for doing so. I don’t know if the plant will flower or fruit here in Canada. I’m considering putting it outside for the summer to see how large it will grow, and then bringing it back inside in the fall.

Has anyone else grown a sweet granadilla plant or a passion fruit plant?